Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are

Freedom has at least two aspects: Freedom From, and Freedom To.

The rest of TOLFA is concerned largely with Freedom From that which limits us; government, with its allies in church, media etc. This Segment 17 is different. Here, we'll take a "right-brain" peek at Freedom To - that is, once the sovereignty of each of us is restored where it belongs, what kinds of things are we free to do? What is the purpose of our to-be-freed lives which, once we are properly in tune with our true nature as human beings, we'll be capable of fulfilling?

That's one thing America's Founders did get right, before they spoiled it all with their irrational constituting of a government: life's purpose is to "pursue happiness." How? - there are three hundred million different answers to that, and there must be that many; any fewer, and the society would not be free. The establishment of freedom, which is this Academy's aim, is not an end in itself but a means to an end; that ultimate end or purpose is that each person shall pursue happiness as he or she perceives it.

And if that individual pursuit of happiness must be reduced to one word, it is to wonder.

To live is to marvel at the immense richness of everything around us; to try to explore at least some of what would take many lifetimes to explore well, and still we'd not be done. To wonder. And yes, having wondered, of course to create; reading may be followed by writing, listening to music by playing it, admiring mountains by climbing them, watching sport by taking part.

There is an infinity of things and relationships and ideas to experience! - so it's clearly impossible to even mention them all in a single web page, or in a hundred. Just to give a foretaste of a few, we'll name them below and create a subsidiary page on each. Click there as you wish, wherever interest and inclination may lead.

Having visited some of those, it will be plain that there's plenty to do, once the mind and person are freed up! - and that in large part one can begin one's lifetime exploration right now, without waiting. The main prerequisite is to employ the thumb, over that "off" button on the TV remote - or at least over the "channel select" options in case one offers material to stimulate wonder.

When done here, please proceed to the final part of TOLFA, Segment 18