Study Plan

The Academy comes in 18 numbered Segments, plus a couple for preparation, and several are built and depend upon earlier ones. So please work on each Segment in the order shown.

Be disciplined. Set aside a fixed, regular time when you WILL study - thoroughly, one Segment at a time - and set firm progress targets, with dates. But don't worry if you can't handle more than one a week. Depth of understanding matters much more than speed.

Entrance - Is this for you?
Freedom's Benefits
How Best to Use TOLFA
1. Human Nature
2. What Is Government?
3. What Markets Do
4. Ethics - Why do right?
5. Religion
6. Justice
7. Tax & Spend
8. The Environment
9. Borders
10. War & Defense
11. Money
12. Education
13. Health & Drugs
14. Family
15. Economics
16. "Limited Government"
17. Wonder
18. Getting There