Normally, all who decide to study the TOLFA segments will do so with the help of a "Mentor" whom they know - the person who introduced them to this web site.

However if you reached TOLFA some other way, such as by surfing, that's not feasible, and we're very sorry about that. In explanation: for the first five years of the Academy (2006 - 2011) this page could be used to request a mentor, and one was allocated, and that program went very well. It handled three times the number of such "orphans" we expected, and demand continued for more than twice as long; both of those are strong and welcome indications that TOLFA is off to an excellent start. But in due course, late as it was, there came the expected reduction and so that part of the program has ended.

Here's how to cope. Almost all the questions that arise are in fact addressed within the material presented, so you're asked to hunt a little harder than you otherwise might. By mid-2011 assuming that graduates introduce one friend a year on average as suggested, about 99% of all new students arrive that way, and that figure will grow larger yet.

It will be a good idea to make a note of any difficulties that do arise, and of course where you found a solution, because friends whom you introduce and who look to you as their Mentor may encounter similar ones and you'll want to figure out quickly how to help them.

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