All who decide to study the TOLFA segments will do so with the help of a "Mentor" whom they know - the person who introduced them to this web site. If you know who that person is, you don't need this page so please close this window.

However if you reached TOLFA some other way such as by surfing, or by responding to the kick-off, one-time promotion of the Academy in 2006, welcome all! - but you'll need a Mentor and until we arrange one for you, you're an "Orphan." So please respond by completing the form below and a Mentor will be found who will contact you promptly via the e-address you enter.

I responded to the page "Entrance: Is this for you?" and scored and would like to proceed with the rest of the Segments. Please have a Mentor contact me.

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There's no charge, and this private data will NOT be used for any other purpose.