The TOLFA "Mentor" system means that once one person - you - has completed the course and is fully comfortable with what he or she has discovered, he will introduce one friend per year (or more) to take it also and do the same. That's a very light workload and will not interfere with normal life.

Thus, every graduate acts as a mentor. From time to time a student may ask his Mentor for help, and that's one valuable function. Additionally he self-replicates, meaning that every year the number of graduates (alumni) doubles.

For each new TOLFA Member therefore, the number of people urgently desiring a free society will follow the progresssion 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64... and that means, 2 to the power of N where N is the number of years that pass. (See more on the math here.)

Amazing though it may seem, when N=20 (ie after 20 years) 2N is over one million.

In the first year of TOLFA (2006-7) the designers hope for a few hundred to join as it's given a "launch" with advertising in places where potential students are likely to be found. If that number is 200, it follows that after 20 years (2027) there would be 200 million graduates.

That's the "explosive growth" referred to in some of the other TOLFA pages.

As government notices large numbers of people no longer supporting it, it will try to close down the Academy. It may succeed in removing the web site you are now using. For that reason every student is encouraged to download a complete copy, so as to CD-copy it for the use of those he introduces and mentors. That may be several years away, but it's well to be prepared.

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