TOLFA Segment 15, Question 5

Segment 15 says that free trade is important, since few countries have everything they need for prosperity but need to make exchanges. But when America goes free-market, what's to make other countries trade with us? - might not governments there prohibit trade with renegades like us? Indeed they might; for this society will have left the "club" of nation-states, and will no longer engage in international politicking. We'd become a pariah, and be isolated.
Traders in every other country will wish to do business here, for free Americans will be making a host of good things at low prices. But yes, their governments could erect a barrier, if only of import tarriffs to make those prices seem higher.
Government abroad might wish to do that, but they'd have to deal with their own popular demand to buy American-made goods. Therein lies domestic political danger.

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