TOLFA Segment 18, Question 1

Segment 18 says not to bother with politics, demonstrations etc. Why not? Won't they hasten the day when government evaporates? Of course; politicans respond only to big popular protests, for they fear nothing except the probable loss of votes. To ignore such would be a tactical mistake.
They probably would help, but I have a life to live and a living to earn and a family to raise and the TOLFA promise was that I'd not need to spend a lot of time in that kind of thing.
It would not hasten the collapse, it would postpone it. It would be like a victim saying to her rapist "Please, kind sir, leave me be!" instead of spraying him with mace; demanding action means that the actor must remain strong! Universal re-education, via TOLFA, will cause the institution of government peacefully to implode, and we want nothing less.

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