TOLFA Segment 18, Question 3

TOLFA aims high: to persuade every person in the country to acknowledge the axiom of self-ownership along with all its implications. But suppose, at day's end, there is a residue of people who won't. What happens to them, in the new free society? and anyway, what about the children, who may be 15% of the population? Such people will have stated in effect "I believe in compulsion, as a normal and proper way for humans to interact." So, honoring their own standard, they will be compelled to conform.
Nothing stops them emigrating to some country where government still prevails; but there will be no place for them here.
If they aggress, they will be held accountable by the free-market justice system described in Segment 6. Otherwise, nobody will harm them.
The case of children is addressed in Segments 12 and 14, and in summary their parents will teach them (with TOLFA's assistance, perhaps) which way is up in a moral, human society. To the extent that they are old enough to make such a decision, they will be as responsible for their actions as are adults.

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