TOLFA Segment 1, Question 1

What distinguishes humans from all other animals? We walk on two feet
We communicate with each other
We reason things out
We have big brains
We have very little hair

Don't hurry away; even when you've got the right answer, try clicking on the others to see why they are wrong! Then when you have correctly answered this make notes in your student notebook,* then go to Question 2.

Segment 1

* Yes, it's a good idea to keep a notebook, either in physical form or on your computer.

Reason: although the subjects in the 18 segments of TOLFA are well enough indexed on the Study Plan, to which there's a link at the foot of each, there are over 100 Questions included - with nearly 400 possible Answers - and to those there is no index.

So when one strikes you as interesting or surprising or otherwise noteworthy - make a note.