TOLFA Segment 9, Question 3

And another: But what about foreign criminals; would not freedom of entry mean the country would fast get infested by the Russian Mob, and worse? Certainly it would, and this policy is madness. Right from the beginning in America, the Feds were authorized to control immigration. It's basic!
Not at all. If a foreigner is known and under pursuit as a criminal, foreign police forces would be free to pay private investigators here to watch out for him and return him - presumably, after a free-market court reviewed the case at his request and expense. Or if he's not, there's no clear way to identify him as such anyway - now, or then.
Whether originating in Chicago or Moscow or Shanghai, aside from the limited-opportunity Protection Racket, mobsters prosper only when there are laws ordinary people want to bypass (gambling, prostitution, drugs, prohibition...) No such laws would exist in a Free America, so there would be very little incentive for foreign crooks to cross the ocean. Not a problem!

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