TOLFA Segment 9, Question 6

We've shown that in a free market society all land would be actually owned - there would be no wilderness or "public property" and therefore everyone, not just visiting foreigners, would have no right to travel at will. Is that consistent with the idea of "freedom"? Obviously not. You have a bird as the symbol of TOLFA, taking flight; clearly, it doesn't fit.
Owners of roads, buses, trains, taxis, airlines etc would all have a powerful reason to encourage travel: money! Landowners, too, have the same incentive to put their property to the most profitable long-term use. Especially if it cannot be farmed, that use may well be to make it attractive to tourists.
The profit motive is not always the best guide. It could lead (by deforestation) to the destruction of great natural beauty and of the habitats of rare creatures - so removing highly popular travel destinations.

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